First tap of the old keyboard for a while!

In among all of the firepits, hot tubs, guests, groups of friends, marriage proposals (guests that it) I had always planned to pull together a little recipe book for guests. I am used to cooking on an open fire and “winging it with what we have”. However, I thought that an online recipe book that guests could look at for inspiration before arriving, might be a nice touch. Use it as a shopping list to pre-order a hamper of ingredients or pop and shop locally before you arrive or once you get here.

Of course, during this long old period of lock down would have been the best time to do it, however, I still haven’t finished! So by getting down into a written word and putting it out there, I am holding myself accountable to have it finished by 12 April 2021. The date that we can open our Annex and Yurt doors to guests again.

So, you can order a one pot, hire the wood fired pizza oven (I provide fresh dough & toppings), fire side sharing platter or flick through the “Fire Food” recipe book to order ingredient hampers or even have a full on BBQ hamper. I can also arrange special birthday treats like afternoon tea, flowers & fizz. So please do shout if I can help with planning anything as a surprise.

I haven’t been resting on my laurels though. I have been busy sowing seeds for a fresh cut flower garden, replacing herbs that were got by the frosts, planting fruit bushes, constructing a rather large wildlife pond and making the footpaths easier to negotiate. This weekend sees the veg patch prep begin.

Fire Food
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